About Us

Hi there 👋 We're Camille and Cody, the makers of Welpr — a place that helps you find effective, non-toxic products quickly.

Every day we encounter synthetic chemicals in our food, water, cleaning products, clothes, furniture, cosmetics, and more that can harm our health.

We can't avoid exposure to these chemicals entirely, nor do we need to — our bodies have a built in detox system.

But sometimes our bodies can’t keep up with the demands of our environment.

To support our bodies' natural function, we think it’s important to be selective about the products we bring into our homes.

But doing so is overwhelming and difficult amidst greenwashing and “safe & natural” products that aren’t safe or natural.

Welpr exists to give people a place to go to quickly find products they can be confident in.

To learn about our process for selecting and ranking products, click here.

Lastly, we need your help. How can we improve Welpr? Let us know here đź’š