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Why Use Welpr?

Product research, done for you

Welpr is a platform that curates cleaner product options all into one place and then provides you the data, tools, and resources you need to choose the best one for you.

Citing multiple sources boosts trust and safety

Instead of relying on a single source for the safety and efficacy of a product, we pull together evaluations from multiple trusted sources, so you get a more well rounded perspective.

Save time and avoid overwhelm

We only include the cleanest product options in each category on Welpr, so you can quickly and easily pick one that’s top-rated and then get on with your day.

Our Methodology and Ratings

First, Camille (co-creator of Welpr) hand picks cleaner product options from a variety of sources.

Next, we collect information about each product's safety, consumer satisfaction, and eco-ethical standing.

Finally, we run all this information through an algorithm that calculates the Welpr Rating.

Welpr Rating:


The Welpr Rating takes into account 3 things:

  1. Product Safety
  2. Consumer Satisfaction
  3. Ethics & Environment

Part 1: Product safety

We evaluate safety information from 3rd party organizations (e.g. EWG, Made Safe, etc.). Instead of relying solely on any one of these companies for safety information, we assess all of them.

Part 2: Consumer satisfaction

We scour the web for consumer ratings and reviews to verify products are not only cleaner options, but also effective. Products can either be Above Average, Average, or Below average for their respective category (e.g. cleaning products).

Part 3: Ethics & Environment

When you buy a product, you’re supporting that company with your dollars. We believe it’s important to support ethical companies, so we pool together certifications that verify a company's ethics and environmental impact.

About Us

Hi there 👋

We’re Camille and Cody, the makers of Welpr.

Every day we all encounter synthetic chemicals in our food, water, cleaning products, clothes, furniture, cosmetics, and more that can harm our health.

We can't avoid exposure to these chemicals entirely, nor do we need to — our bodies have a built-in detox system.

But sometimes our bodies can’t keep up with the demands of our environment. To support our bodies' natural function, it’s important to be selective about the products we bring into our homes.

But doing so is overwhelming and difficult amidst greenwashing and “safe & natural” products that aren’t safe or natural. Welpr exists to give people a place to go to quickly find products they can be confident in.

To learn about our process for selecting and ranking products, click here.

Lastly, we need your help. How can we improve Welpr?
Let us know here 💚